July 21, 2009

Five trips to the beach over two weeks is not enough.

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Sandy Knoll

So, last weekend I went to Oxnard beach both Saturday and Sunday. This weekend I only went on Saturday. It’s a little bit of a drive, but it’s a really nice, clean, practically deserted beach. Gorgeous. Plus, dogs are allowed. No losses there. It’s the kind of beach you see in the movies… there’s grass and a lot of trees just before you get to the beach. I discovered on Saturday that we were supposed to pay for parking.. I hadn’t paid the other times I went. Oops. It’s ok though because we found a great hidden area with FREE parking that’s a closer walk to our favorite part of the beach. Again, can’t lose.

Sandy Knoll 2The first Saturday I went, I only applied sun block once in the 4 hours I was there. Bad news bears. On Sunday I felt fine but I was getting more sun so it probably didn’t help the already developing sunburn on my shoulder. It’s hard to tell, at least for me, when I need to reapply sunblock because the breeze is so cool from the ocean that you can just bearly feel the heat of the sun on your skin. Needless to say, Monday morning I was hurting and nothing was going to help. I got some aloe gel and kept it in the refrigerator so it was nice and cold when I applied it; at home, at work, in the car… It was pretty annoying at first but it prevented me from molting like a parrot in the following days. I did, however get a pretty nice tan over my 5 visits to Oxnard Beach. Unusual for me, but fulfilling nonetheless.

QuinceneraWhen I first arrived last Saturday… You’ll never guess what I saw. Precisely, Robin. A quinceñera court taking photos at the beach. How classy. It would actually make for some gorgeous photos. It made my day.

Marina BackyardOxnard is a marina town. Great sea food and even better backyards. Imagine parking your boat in your backyard and being able to jump in your boat and take off directly to the beach. It’s ridiculous how gorgeous these houses are. I really should get a better photo… Maybe I purposely didn’t so I wouldn’t get arrested for trespassing and go into a heavy depression… We’ll see what happens next time I go over there. Either way this area is really great and has cooler weather than in the valley. No losses yet.

Joy&IJoy, Jeff, Alaska and I went on Saturday for some afternoon fun. We had a lot of fun with Alaska chasing each other around in the water and playing with other dogs on the beach. I’ve never heard of a dog beach on the east coast… why is that?

Alaska at the Beach

We played frisbee, catch, fetch, and splashed each other with water. Alaska had a great time and we really got a work out from running around with him in the sand. It was kind of impossible to keep our towels clean and sandless with his wet, sandy paws everywhere, but in the end we didn’t spend any time lying down soaking up sun. We were there for a few hours even though we really didn’t get there until well into the afternoon. We spent the morning cleaning up around the house. Joy and I discovered some really old chicken in the freezer from an old roommate that was living here when I left last summer.. you can fill in the “Best If Used By:” dates from there.

Alaska & IJumping for Joy

Jeff and Joy obviously had a good time. Alaska and I are buds except he has an obsession with attacking and trying to eat my right foot and hand. I have no idea why.

Alaska Backpack

On our way home from our adventures at the beach, we decided that Alaska should help carry something since our hands were full. Rightfully, it was his turn to carry his toys to the car. I will admit, he looks cute with a backpack on. 🙂

Today was a good Monday. I straightened my hair on Saturday so I got the usual “I didn’t even recognize you” responses, among others. I cut about 3″ off my hair. I guess when I wash it and it’s back to being curly I’ll be able to assess the actual damage I’ve done.. Right now, it doesn’t seem like I’ve lost very much. Hopefully I won’t be too depressed at how short it really is.

Do I really look better with straight hair? I don’t know if I can decipher that there’s a substantial difference.. I guess others would argue otherwise.

Today I put on a pair of pants that used to be pretty loose on me. They are no longer so. I wonder if I shrunk them in the permanent press cycle or if I’ve gained weight. I don’t feel like I’ve gained any weight so I don’t think that’s the issue, but what else could it be really?

Apparently we’re going to get slammed with work tomorrow. We’ll see what they throw at me now. I say, “bring it.”     😛


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  1. Anton said,

    You dont notice dogs on the beach on the east coast because east coast people dont know how to keep their dogs “people friendly”.

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