June 20, 2009

It starts…

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So, I know for those of you who have known me longer than others that it seems a little unlike me to start a blog, but I have realized over the past week that I often let things pass me by without really taking the time to absorb them. Thus I have decided that I should really write more about the things that I do and take more pictures because soon I won’t be able to remember and cherish the tiny details of my “fruitful youth.”

Here I am in my last secure summer between years of higher education, and frankly I’m terrified. Thinking about being a senior in college and graduating with a degree is pretty crazy. Sitting at work yesterday I realized all that I had done and how hard I had worked to get this job for the summer. I essentially got hired by a company that wasn’t hiring for a position they’ve never had before. It’s unbelievable how fast I made the switch from persistently asking to settling in at my new desk at All Access. I am just now realizing how crazy this all is and how far I’ve really come.

Aside from my vast epiphanies about how I got to this point in life and how I feel about it, I’ve begun to genuinely feel like I might want to move to Los Angeles after I graduate… It’s not a thought I was willing to entertain last summer, but the more time I spend here the more I feel at home. I suppose it was bound to happen wherever I went. Regardless of the fact that there is no humidity I think the overall attitude and atmosphere here is different enough for me to like being the odd one out.

I often think about why it is that I never get homesick, but I can never think of a real answer. Maybe it’s because I love to travel so the thought of feeling at home in several places is nice.

I feel confident though that no matter where I end up a year from now I’ll be happy. I’m starting to see it clearly in several of my classmates, too. This summer especially has been an extraordinary achievement for many of us. Perseverance was abundant and brought much success to those around me in many ways, which makes me feel even more  proud of what we have all accomplished.

I’m feeling like myself again for the first time in a great while. It’s nice to be back. 🙂

I’ll make posts about the last month’s worth of events soon. Hopefully writing about it won’t bring back the frustration.